November 8, 2014

A Free E-Book for You!!!

Jesus Beside Me Free E-Book
Last year I had the privilege of writing a short foreword for my friend David's e-book, Jesus Beside Me, Volume 2. He recently blogged here on adventure, and you can catch him over at Dave vs. Life and David Ramos. I'm sharing with you blog readers the foreward and a link to go download it for free! We both hope and pray it blesses you in reading it. Enjoy!
      Unapologetically, I pray for myself this earnest plea found in the beloved hymn Come Thou Fount: “Bind my wandering heart to Thee!” For the Christian there remains a deep desire to live out our days closely tied to the heart of our great, gracious King Jesus. To daily live aware of his presence, to commune with him, and to enjoy him. The paths and ways in which we draw close to Christ are innumerable, diverse, and divine, but one so sweet to the heart and soul is that of the reading and soaking in of his very own words to us through scripture.

     The act sounds too simple, sometimes even elementary for the seasoned Christian, including myself, but if the cliché holds true—that the Bible is God’s love letter written to us—why would we want to nonchalantly dismiss or put it away? After all, who’s ever heard of a lover, who upon receiving a letter from their significant other, toss it aside, never reading their words? Reading the words found in scripture illuminates who our Savior is as well as his character, wisdom, good commands, and wonderful grace. It’s through the meditation of these same words that Christ comes near to the heart of man that we may know and love him, and be known and loved by him.

       The book you’re holding does just this: Marrying the art of reading God’s word then meditating upon it. In doing so, David gets you up beside the Savior so you may know Him all the more. And it’s my hope that through this book that your heart may be tethered a bit more to Christ… that you would cry out to him, “Here’s my heart, take and seal it!” 
You can read and download Jesus Beside Me, Volume 2, here.
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