October 31, 2018

A Bicentennial Celebration of Frankenstein

This year marks the bicentennial anniversary of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, which she wrote at just 18 after a group of friends challenged each other to a ghost story writing contest... because what else can you do when it's non-stop horrible weather in the middle of Geneva? Frankenstein has been a hugely influential book to the science fiction genre--arguably by many, as the first book of its kind. And the story still has the power to form our thoughts around questions surrounding life and science. Not only is the book fascinating, but also the history behind how the book was written, and Mary Shelley's own life (which just so happens was recently adapted into a film recently, which I recommend). Since its publications, its gone on to be immensely popular and has manifested itself into plays, films, and books. Here are just a handful of my own tales of Frankenstein, and if you have others you recommend, please share them in the comments below for me to check out!

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley tells the story of Dr. Frankenstein bringing to life a dead corpse and all the ensuing inner turmoil and consequences he has to wrestle with for trying to play god. The book brings about questions surrounding issues of modern science and life that are just as applicable as today as they were for Shelly's time period too. The book is so beautifully and well written (and I might add by an 18 year old none-the-less), and ought to be a must read for all. 

Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein by Linda Bailey tells both the story of Mary Shelley's life as well as what events led to inspiring her to write Frankenstein at such a young age. The illustrations are just absolutely beautiful in this one--and personally, more so than the style of writing the book--but so worth having on your shelf for artwork alone.

She Made a Monster: How Mary Shelley Created Frankenstein by Lynn Fulton. Fulton focuses on telling the story of how Mary Shelley came up with the story of Frankenstein and the importance of women gaining their voice in the literary world as writers on equal caliber as their male counterparts. The illustrations are just too charming to resit too! 

Frankencrayon by Michael Hall. The crayon towns folks prepare to tell the story of Frankenstein when an ugly scribble appears and Frankencrayon is the only one who sees the beauty in its ugliness. 

Frankenstein: An Anatomy Primer by Jennifer Adams is an adorable board book to introduce both the general story of Frankenstein while teaching basic body parts (head, legs, arms, etc.) to your baby. 

Frankenstein: A Monstrous Parody on Ludwig Bemelmans story of Madeline. Instead of two straight lines with the smallest in them being Madeline, this is the story of the ugliest creature in the monstrous crooked line--Frankenstein. If you're a fan of both Madeline and Frankenstein, you'll get a laugh over this comedic tale. 

October 30, 2018

No Tricks, Just Treats! Printable Treat Tags

Even adults need a little many treats during their Halloween week to satisfy their sweet tooth. This year I went with baked goods. Take a look and use this tag to help bag up your own treats for others as a last minute gift!

Print out my spider tags (link below) and tie them up for your friends!

Another treat item that's a favorite of mine is to dress up a dozen donuts. You can find plastic fangs at your local craft or party store and stick them in the centers, along with these candy eyes to make these spooky goodies.

October 29, 2018

Halloween Tree and Home Decorating Tour 2018

Today I wanted to share some snapshots of my first completed Halloween tree I decorated along with some home decor snapshots as well--think of it as a little tour. You can read about the items that I made here in this previous blog post as well, and I'll be linking to where some of these products are from in case they interest you as well. 

These editions of Dracula and Frankenstein are currently at Barnes and Noble 

Witch Weather Vane from Target

Halloween Tree DIY

October 28, 2018

Halloween Tree DIY || Garlands and Ornaments

I picked up a table-top black Christmas tree last winter, and decided to decorate it for the Halloween season. I was able to hunt down some ornaments for it, but quickly realized I was going to need to make some as well in order to fill the tree. Here are a few easy DIY ornaments for your own Halloween tree too !

These springs of colored gumballs are from Hobby Lobby's floral selection this fall. I love how they look similar to felted ball garland--only more textured looking and way less time consuming to make yourself. 

All you need is some kind of thread (or I used twine--because I use it in all my fall decorations), the gumball sprigs, and a needle. Carefully pop off the gumballs from their plastic wiring first. Measure out how long you want your garland to be, cut the needed amount of twine, and tie a loop knot at one end.

Because these fake gumballs are styrofoam on the inside threading them onto the twine with a needle is easy-peasy. When you get to the end, finish it off with another loop knot, and it's done. 


The first type of ornaments I made this year, were these painted Halloween wood plates I picked up at Michaels. You will also need bakers twine (or whatever lace or thread of your picking) and colored card stock paper.

Trace around the wood plates onto the card stock their shape. Then cut them out of the paper. This is going to be the backing of your wood plate to hide the glue used to attach the twine hanger.

Cut the twine down to the size you want to use for your loop when it hangs, and hot glue it to the back of the wood plate. 

Then you will glue the paper backing as well to the plate, and then hocus pocus--they're done in less then a few minutes.

Next up are these old-fashioned stylized Halloween postcard ornaments. You can buy a booklet of these postcards here from Amazon. 

The supplies I used to embellish these were glitter, card stock paper, and an assortment of ribbon or twine and trinkets. 

Start by punching out the postcards you like the best, then to reinforce them, layer them with an adhesive to a piece of card stock. I then trimmed mine with a decorative border. All that's left then is to add embellishments and a ribbon or twine hanger at the top, and you're set!

This year I saw so many adorable garlands--many of which one could easily dismantle and make into a set of ornaments for your tree. 

I picked up this felted ghost garland in at home goods and carefully separated the ghosts from the jute.

Thread through each one with some bakers twine to make hangers for them.

To see the ornaments and garland on the tree as well, click here. If you have your own Halloween tree, leave me a link in the comments below--I'd love to see it!

October 27, 2018

Trick or Treat Smell My Feet Free Halloween Gift Tag

If you're looking for a super cute, fast, and affordable Halloween gift for your friends go with socks! Themed socks are easy to find (I got these Harry Potter ones in a pack from Target for under $10) and a welcome treat with the chilly weather of fall. Print out my cute gift tag (link below), tie a bow around them--and done!

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