October 22, 2018

Beware and Take Care! Halloween Themed Care Kits

Halloween Care Package

With the crisp fall air welcoming in the Halloween season, I had a couple of friends expecting or with toddlers that I wanted to spoil a little extra with a Halloween themed self-care kit. I went ahead and designed a gift tag using some of my doodles as well to add to the gift, that I'm happy to share with you below. 

Halloween Care Package Ideas

For this care package, I kept it fall appropriate by giving something warm--bath bubbles to enjoy hot bath on a chilly day, something cozy and "spooky" with these super cute Harry Potter socks from Target, and finally, something sweet to eat. Simply, wrap or stack it all up with some bakers twine. Then print out the tag (link below), add a personal note to the back and it's set to go!

Halloween Care Package Printables

I'd love to hear what some of your favorite little self-help treats to gift to others and your self are, and happy haunting!

Halloween Care Package

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