October 25, 2018

Peek-A-Boo Halloween Toddler Treat Bags and Presents with Free Gift Tags

Halloween Toddler Treat Bags

This year I decided to boo a few of my friend's toddlers--and since they're toddlers I decided it was best to skip filling it with mostly sweets, and instead filled the bag with other goodies, along with a cute tag I designed (see below for your link to download it for free). 

Halloween Toddler Treat Bags

For this toddler book bag I put in the following: play plastic spiders, play foam, vampire teeth, temporary tattoos, balloons, stickers, candy, Halloween themed books with read along pointers, and a sweet, fall-flavored baby/tot food pouch ('cause that balances the lollipop, right?)

Halloween Toddler Treat Bags

Drop all the goodies in a decorative bag (these are from the Hyde and Eek collection at Target) and add on the cute tag (download link below).

Halloween Toddler Printable

Halloween Book Gift

Pair you're goodie bag with a fun Halloween book (I have some title suggestions in this post) for parents to read to their tot tie it up with something fun, like play foam. 


  1. Natalie, I am SO HAPPY that you are blogging again!! Love your holiday ideas. Next year I want to start a boo-ing tradition with Jade. This is adorable.


    1. I can't wait to see what you do next year with your booing!


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