October 24, 2018

The Halloween Book Bin 2018

Halloween Childrens Books

I am an adult whose love for children's books never dissipated with growing up but only grew all the more. With each season I enjoy putting out my different holiday book collections for the littles who come and visit me at my house to page through. Today I wanted to share 20 of the titles that are sitting in my bin this month leading up to Halloween and many of which were favorites from my own childhood days. 

No Such Thing

No Such Thing by Ella Bailey When strange things start happening around the house, surely it couldn't be the result of ghosts could it? After all, the mantra of this story is there is no such thing as ghosts. Each page has ghosts hiding in the illustrations giving the book a fun i-spy game to play as you read it with your littles. 


Stumpkin by Lucy Ruth Cummins. A short little tale of a stemless pumpkin who waits at the market to be picked, taken home, and carved into a jack-o-lantern for Halloween.


The Hallo-Wiener by Dav Pilkey. Oscar, a Wiener dog, is made fun of at puppy school, but on Halloween night he gets the chance to prove his classmates of just how much of a hero he can be.

Halloween Pigs

Halloween Pigs by Rita Balducci. A silly take on the classic fairy tale the takes place on Halloween with three little pigs who go out to crash the wolf's holiday party.

Little Boo Book

Little Boo by Stephen Wunderli. A tiny pumpkin seed waits quietly throughout the season as he grows into a pumpkin and then becomes a jack-o'lantern.

Vanishing Pumpkin Book

The Vanishing Pumpkin by Tony Johnston. A very old couple with magical powers run out to their garden to pick a pumpkin for their desperately desired pumpkin pie only to discover someone has stolen it!

Goodnight Goon Parody

Goodnight Goon by Michael Rex. A Ghoulish re-telling of the children's class Goodnight Moon that will have both children and adults chuckling.

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams. A story of a little old lady who's followed by some haunted items as she maker her way home.

The Widow's Broom

The Widow's Broom by Chris Van Allsburg. A whimsical, spooky story of a witch's broom that comes to life after left for a widow in need. Like many of Allsburg books, there's an underlying eeriness to his storytelling, making it perfect for Halloween.

Room on the Broom

Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. This whole book is told in rhyme of a witch who loses her valuable items one blustery day and receives help from some friendly creatures. But in turn her helpers need a ride, but is there enough room on her broom for them all? And what will happen when they all run into a troublesome dragon?

The Runaway Pumpkin

The Runaway Pumpkin by Kevin Lewis. The Baxter children hunt down the perfect pumpkin, and indeed they find it, the only problem is that as soon as the pumpkin is cut from its vine it goes rolling down the hill into town, causing mess and mayhem. 


Frankencrayon by Michael Hall. The crayon towns folks prepare to tell the story of Frankenstein when an ugly scribble appears and Frankencrayon is the only one who sees the beauty in its ugliness.  

Halloween Sky Ride Book

Halloween Sky Ride by Elizabeth Spur. A fun rhyming tale of a witch who gets consistently interrupted by her friends in need as she makes her way to a Halloween party.

Jack O'Lantern Scary Halloween Book

Jack O'Lantern's Scary Halloween by Robert Kraus. This time it's the Halloween monsters and their friends who are getting scared by their neighbors

Great Pumpkin Childrens Book

Waiting for the Great Pumpkin by Charlie M. Schultz. The original Peanut's Great Pumpkin comic strips are collected all together in this petite gift book.

Fright Club

Fright Club, by Ethan Long. Each year spooks and scary creatures gather to make their Halloween plans, but this year some more cute and cuddly friends want to join in.

Halloween Poetry Kids

Trick-or-Treat: A Happy Haunter's Halloween by Debbie Leppanen. A collection of goofy Halloween poems kids will love!

How To Makes Friends with a Ghost Book

How To Make Friends with a Ghost by Rebecca Green. The most practical, charming book you'll ever find on making friends with friendly, adorable ghosts. 

Clifford's First Halloween Book

Clifford's First Halloween by Norman Bridwell. Clearly, this book has seen some love, but that just speaks all the more to the love children everywhere have for that big, red dog--or in this case that little, red dog on his first Halloween. 

Monster Mash Kids Book

Monster Mash illustrated by David Catrow. An illustrated book to the lyrics of the popular Halloween tune, Monster Mash.

I'd love to hear what some of your favorite childrens Halloween books have been! Share with me in the comments your titles!

20 Halloween Childrens Books

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