February 5, 2019

Valentine Tree Decorating Tips & Tricks

I'm usually nowhere near ready to put away my Christmas tree after the holiday season; I just ADORE twinkle lights and will use any excuse to have them out and around. So I welcomed the gift of a miniature pink tree one year for Valentine's Day for this very reason. I get my twinkle lights for a little longer, Snowmen, Santa, and Rudolph can be packed away in a decent time frame after Christmas. Here are a few tips and tricks that I abide by when I put up my Valentine tree:

Start with picking two-three consistent elements (be it ornaments, lights, etc.) that can be arranged throughout the tree to help it keep an aesthetic balance. This year I went with shiny magenta ball ornaments, a strand of mercury glass mushroom lights, and vintage valentines. My punch-out valentines came from this booklet here, or you can use the adorable sets that Laughing Elephant has released for sale. Then move on to adding other elements to the tree.

Valentine ornaments can be as basic as old cards you've saved over the years to fancier glass blown ones such as the pink and red bird shown below. I picked up a few wooden ones from Hobby Lobby and snagged my Raggedy Ann and Andy ornaments from the Christmas bin, along with some hearts I had laying around. 

If the holiday reminds you of all things chocolate and conversation hearts, try putting a sweet-tooth spin to your theme. A couple years ago I started snagging dessert ornaments on after Christmas sales super cheap to use as Valentine ornaments instead.

Finally, I used an antique card I found as a tree topper:

If, like me, you don't have a holiday specific tree skirt, you can do what I did and use scrap fabric or lace that is in a red, pink, or purple color scheme to wrap around the bottom loosely.

Fortunately, I had plenty of leftover punch-out vintage valentines, so I stuck a few in some empty clear glassware terrariums (and a teapot) with some fake snow and plastic heart vase fillers from Dollar tree. 

If you have a Valentine tree, how do you decorate it?

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