June 10, 2019

A Vintage, Baking-Inspired Fairy Garden DIY

In my opinion, the best dates--be they with friends or a loved one--are those that lead to new spots and places to explore unexpectedly. And that is how this first little fairy garden of mine started because even as an adult I need to give in to my inner whimsicality on occasion and I can also be easily manipulated into buying old farmhouse finds--especially when it is a shop going out of business. 

I might have also been talked into purchasing a barn door too. 

Andrew and I were on a date which somehow led to us poking around old thrift stores downtown, where we purchased a couple of tin pie plants and a tin measuring cup. I had been binging on Garden Answer's Fairy Garden videos at the time and decided to give it a shot using our thrift store finds.

To make it two-tiered, I had to use a couple of rocks to set the measuring cup on so it would be flush with the top of the plate. Both had holes in their bottoms, making them natural drainage containers.

In the measuring cup, I planted a creeping fairy moss, hens n' chicks, and some sedum. The sedum gives the arrangement some height, and with the moss spilling over, it provides more texture and variety interest to the overall arrangement for the eye. 

The bottom tray has more hens and chicks (Sempervivum) as they do just as well in shallow depths as they do in deeper containers. Then using sand and rocks I made a trail to frame the measuring cup which I wanted to be the focal point of this miniature garden. 

Little stone pebbles do just fine in lining out the paths.

The final step is adding in all the little tiny treasures to make it look like a "fairy" lives in the garden. I molded these using polymer clay, then baked and painted them.

Using scrap fabric, twine, and sticks I glued together a little bunting banner for the top tier.

For the bottom tier, using sticks and washi tape I made a tiny sign for one end of the garden; the other end has a little treat table with the clay donuts and cakes. 

Ta-Dah! The finished result--and it was super cute on display on the kitchen counter for that summer.

If you have made a fairy garden recently, share the link below in the comments--I'd love to see it! 

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