July 3, 2019

Teaching Field Notes Index

Teaching Field Notes Indez

Teaching Field Notes is a series on my time spent in the elementary classroom and what I learned. My hope is that it might encourage some fellow educators in the same place or space, or point you towards some new resources to use in your own classroom. Like any type of field notes, these are informal thoughts and notes that are my own; they capture what I was or have learned--which means they are not perfect; sometimes they are messy. 

For the Teacher


  • How I Taught Reading and Why
  • My Favorite Books to Read-Aloud to Students
  • Halloween Book Bin 
  • Christmas Book Bin


Social Studies

  • How and Why I Taught Art
  • A Year's Worth of Art Projects (2nd-3rd Grade)
  • A Year's Worth of Art Projects (Middle School Level)

Holiday Specific

For The Parents, From the Teacher
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Teaching Field Notes Index

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