October 1, 2019

Scaring Away Germs At Halloween +A Free Halloween Printable

Halloween Hand Soap Gift

Autumn weather brings with itself so many exciting things: pumpkins, cooler weather, hot cider drinking. But it also brings some not so exciting things, like heightened germ weather--colds and the flu. If you're a teacher you enter the beginning stages of I'm-trying-to-not-get-sick-from-all-these-kids-weather. AKA: Don't touch me with those hands--I've seen where they've been. 

Instead of sending in a Halloween sugary treat to your child's teacher to celebrate the season, might I just put forth that you lend him or her your support in this battle of germ-killing? Send them a festive hand soap. You can easily pick these up at Target or Home Goods (amongst other places).

Halloween Hand Soap Gift

Attach a little tag with some ribbon or twine. Click the link below to download this one I made for you to use for free!

Halloween Hand Soap Gift

If you use these tags, do me a favor and leave a link below for me to see it in your diy projects! Happy germ scaring!

Halloween Hand Soap Gift

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