November 7, 2019

Celebrating the Christmas Season Intentionally

Celebrating the Christmas Season Intentionally

Decking the halls has commenced a wee bit around my home--and I make no apologies for it. Why you wouldn't want your house to smell like a Christmas tree farm all year long is truly mind-boggling to me... While I am not ready to go all the way with decorating or even attempt to start the list of cookies to be baked and promptly consumed, I am gathering together a few tools and resources that I want to use during this Advent and Christmas season in order to celebrate the joy, love, hope, and peace it brings with intentionality; and I wanted to share them with anyone who may want to do the same!

Hidden Christmas Tim Keller

A short little book by a favored author of mine, Tim Keller, that takes a deep dive look at the background of the Nativity story. Really looking forward to reading this one on some cold weekend afternoon!

She Reads Truth Advent 2019

During Advent, I find it helpful to have some type of daily practice to keep my focus on the truest meaning of Christmas, and this year I am going to use the She Read Truth Advent study A Thrill of Hope which is a scripture reading plan, but it also has other seasonal recipes and crafts to try alongside some more in-depth study of the theme of Advent. 

Little Women Christmas

The holidays just seem like the most perfect time of year to enjoy those fiction "cozy" books. With the new Little Women movie being release this December, it seemed fitting to re-visit the childhood favorite and classic before heading to the theaters. The whole atmosphere of Little Women has always felt very Christmas-y to me, so it is a must-read this season. 

Christmas Field Notes

A new project I am starting this year is Christmas field notes. I have enjoyed watching friends participate in Ali Edwards' December Daily project, but the set-up of that project I don't foresee working for me. I cannot commit to making a mini scrapbook each December every year given that I can be an all-or-nothing type of person when it comes to memory keeping projects. Over the past couple of years though I have tossed around the idea of making a book that records family Christmas traditions and a book talking about the stories behind each of the ornaments in my collection. So this year I decided to start field notebooks for both of these, and an additional one for recipes that are only made during the holiday season in my house. I have no idea how far I will get with them this year, but I will just keep working on them here and there until they get done... even if that ends up being June 2025. I do like how they will be keepsakes when they are finished and how they will help me to focus on the joys the years have brought. 

Celebrating the Christmas Season Intentionally

What about you? What tools or projects are you working on this holiday season to stay mindful and celebrate what truly matters? Share in the comments below!


  1. I love everything about this! First, I really want to read that Tim Keller book but I have no idea if I will be able to get to it before Christmas with the craziness that has been the last few weeks, we'll see. That also looks like a great Advent devotional! And your field notes idea looks amazing, can you share an inside peek at some point? I would love to see how it comes together!

    1. Hello old friend! I will definitely post more about the field notes project in the upcoming weeks! I am looking forward to seeing it unfold through the holiday season too!


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