November 13, 2019

Tools for Cultivating 2020 Intentionally

Tools for Cultivating 2020 Intentionally

I have spent the past couple of weeks reflecting on formations, goals, and habits I want to be intentional about cultivating in the next year, 2020. I have found that in the past if I wait until January first, nothing I pick sticks because it is often haphazardly "picked" and often in comparison to what others are "committing" themselves to achieve. And then it inevitably fails because it does not reflect my needs, desires, and season of life. That is why I think it can be of great help to start marinating on the new year a handful of weeks before that New Year countdown starts at 11:59 p.m. January's eve. Here are a handful of the tools and resources I have and will continue to use for 2020:

Powersheets 2020

Powersheets from Cultivate What Matters. I have been using Powersheets for what will be my fourth (or fifth?) year in 2020. They have been incredibly helpful in helping me prioritize and plan goals and formations over the past few years. Powersheets are great for helping you be more intentional with the choices that inform how you live your life in the daily that then add up to our legacies. This year, I'm doing them with a couple of friends, which already, I can tell, is helping even more with me feeling more motivated to take action steps.

I love gathering people and gift-giving like it is a second job, so for 2020 I'm going to try out The Celebrations Binder from Cultivate What Matters and see if it is a good fit in keeping me organized and ahead of the game in my planning for the various occasions through the year. 

2020 Year Task Planner

When I left elementary teaching a little over a year ago, it was time to figure out a different planner style that worked for a new season in my career and as a grad student. I had randomly heard Annie mention the task planner from Apptnd on one of her Instagram stories and it sounded like it was a potentially good fit for me for this past year--and it definitely was! So much so that I am continuing to use it for 2020 as well. I really appreciate its' simplicity and no-nonsense approach in its' design and functions. Planners that have a lot of extra stuff in them drive me bonkers by mid-March. Motivational quotes and rainbows belong in other people's planners, but not mine!

Write the Word Journals

She Reads Truth Bible. It was finally time to put up my ESV on the shelf and pick-up a new Bible for studying purposes that wasn't shedding everywhere I went (last time I go faux leather). Hello pretty new linen CBS translation, hello 2020 studying and reading!

Write the Word Journals from Cultivate What Matters. This year I needed to really simplify my "quiet time" (or whatever you want to call it) as a part of my faith daily practice, and I found that the Write the Word Journals really helpful in aiding that. I'll finish up the ones I am currently in--Cultivate Renewal and Cultivate Hope--and then in the spring I already have the special Garden edition (looks at all the scriptures in the Bible that have to do with growth and gardens) journal to dive into. They are so pretty and well constructed too, and that has been just another great reason why I have given these to friends throughout this year as gifts too! They have kiddo versions if you have little in your life and world as well. To learn more about these journals here are a couple of lovely blog posts to check out and see if they're a good match for yourself:

One Little Word 2020

A handful of months I stumbled across the One Little Word Project from Ali Edwards and decided it fit in really well with my Powersheets in extending the activity of picking a word to journey with for the year. I will hopefully get around to posting more about the project in a handful of weeks, but I have already picked up a thin little journal and decorated it with my 2020 word: Good. 

Tools for Cultivating 2020 Intentionally

If you found anything in this post helpful, then please feel free to share on your favorite chosen social sites. And if there are any tools or resources you'd like to share that I or others might like to hear about, please give a shout-out in the comments below! I can't wait to hear your ideas!


  1. Oh man, I am jealous you already have your word for 2020, this post just made me realize I need to start thinking and praying about my word. It is one of my favorite annual traditions though, I love seeing the word play out each year. What brought you to the word Good? I think I've been picking a word for the year since 2011 or 2012!

    1. I have a blog post coming up all about my word choice--so stay tuned!


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