Hi--I'm Natalie! I'm a twenty-something currently living in the mid-west. By day I taught elementary school, but now I'm a grad student studying organizational leadership. I still devote my evenings to all my little creative endeavors--of which there are many! Gardening, decorating, papercraft.... the list keeps growing...

I'm a logophile--which is just a fancy way of saying I love reading and writing words. My love affair with books, pens, and paper began as a little girl and led to me opening my first blog back in 2009 as a sophomore in high school. After six years of writing on that platform, I took a hiatus, and am back in full swing again.

My passion and desire is to spend my time cultivating a meaningful and intentionally life. We live a world full of distractions and voices that would have us spend it otherwise, and daily I'm learning how to quite those. It is my hope that as I flesh that out here for myself, that some piece of what I share inspires you to cultivate your own life filled with meaning and a million little memories that add up to a legacy that you'll look back on with favor.

A handful of favorites of mine: dark wash blue jeans, thrifting with friends, sour beer tastings, hydrangeas, hikes, Isaiah 54, board games, and craft supplies.

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